No Nut November: The Perfect Chastity Challenge!

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Looking for the perfect chastity challenge to beat your urge to cum? Read on to find out all you need to know about locking up your cock for No Nut November!

Male chastity can be a highly effective way of controlling your sexual urges. If you’ve been thinking about holding back on masturbation, it’s worth mentioning that thousands of men are practicing it worldwide.

The use of chastity devices is an effective way to abstain from sexual activity if you simply cannot hold back. Additionally, if you happen to be in a chastity Slave/Keyholder relationship, a new challenge can provide you with some extra excitement. There are a number of psychological and physical pleasures (or pains) that you can receive from having your cock and balls constrained in a cage.

One of the most interesting things that individuals or couples should try if they are considering chastity is to take on the popular No Nut November challenge! What is it, and how can chastity devices help you get through it successfully? Take a look at our article for a complete guide to male chastity during No Nut November!

What Is No Nut November?

First off, this challenge became popular online during the 2010s. It primarily started as a joke. Men were asked to abstain from sex or masturbation and “nutting” for all of the thirty days in the month of November.

How It Began


What’s interesting here is that the seemingly silly challenge went viral. It earned a cult following even though it was originally a harmless meme. The name first appeared in Urban Dictionary in 2011. But, it blew up in 2017. Thousands of people started accepting the arduous and seemingly impossible task! Yet, many who succeeded revealed that the task had some surprising benefits. They said it had a positive impact on their well-being and sex lives.

In just a few years, No Nut November (NNN) or alternatively NoFap November, became a worldwide phenomenon practiced by celebrities, internet personalities, and various other public figures. It is now linked to the NoFap Reddit community, which recorded over 350,000 followers in 2019.

What’s more, it was partly inspired by an episode of the TV show Seinfeld. In it, Jerry and the rest of the cast started a contest. The characters wagered on who could hold out the longest. The winner was the one who remained the “master of their domain.”

Additionally, similar challenges have been attempted numerous times before NNN. There is some evidence of various campaigns on the web in 2003 and 2009. And why November? You may ask. Well, it’s simply a spin on the popular No Shave November charity challenge. However, NNN is not associated with any charitable endeavor.

Why It Matters

Of course, abstinence is not uncommon at all, but something truly unique happened when the challenge went viral. Aside from hundreds of ridiculous Tweets and social media posts about swollen balls, temptation, frustration, and new testosterone-fueled superpowers, No Nut November essentially turned into a part of our culture and our sex lives.

Originally, it was intended only for men, but there’s nothing to prevent women from participating. If you wish to participate, you can scour the internet for special rules and guides. However, the key principle is quite simple: abstain from beating your meat for the entire month. After that, you’ll get to see what happens after a period of prolonged sexual inactivity.

Using social media

If you want to take part in the No Nut November philosophy, note that it was also partly devised as an answer to masturbation or porn addiction. Those who are worried about porn taking over their lives could benefit from this anti-masturbation challenge. Additionally, couples can participate together and reach new heights of sexual health and arousal. Plus, if you already know your way around a chastity device or are in a Keyholder/Slave relationship, you can merge the NNN challenge with your favorite fetishes.

How to Participate

Fortunately, participation is incredibly straightforward. To start, you can simply wait for November to come and take on the challenge.

What’s more, don’t have to sign up anywhere. As mentioned, NNN is not a charitable cause. That means you’ll go through it only for your own sake or your partner’s. You can make a deal with yourself to not touch or fondle your sensitive parts. That means no masturbation, sex, or ejaculation!

The Rules

It’s possible to set some exceptions, though. Some of the rules outlined on the web include a three-strikes forgiveness system. Others state that intercourse or various forms of sex and sex toys are allowed, but only if you do not ejaculate. However, it may be best to stick to the official plan if you are on your own. And if you are wondering about how to keep yourself from exploding, there are a few things you can try.

One effective way is to take cold showers to diminish your sexual urges. It’s also useful to stick to an exercising schedule that will keep you distracted. And if you’re feeling stressed and you frequently use masturbation as the only form of relief, try to focus on other things that bring you joy. Additionally, the challenge could be much easier if you team up with some buddies.

Why You Should Try Chastity Devices

Couple thinking about chastity

If you’ve already tried this challenge and have failed with miserable results, it may be best to look into chastity devices. What’s more, if you’re a new participant and are concerned about failing from the get-go, a chastity cage could be the solution. There are many chastity devices out there. The most common are stainless steel, or silicone cages. Others are leather belts with padlocks. Try to find the best fit and the most convenient shape for you before NNN begins.

Regardless of whether you are looking to start practicing chastity alone or as a couple, you’ll need to obtain the proper device for it to work. If you are looking into chastity devices, check out some of the benefits of using them with your partner below.

Here’s What You Can Do

Participating in the challenge could result in a lot of extra fun - especially for those who wish to start a chastity Slave/Keyholder relationship! In a nutshell, the Keyholder will order you to abstain from ejaculating all month long. In chastity play, the male Sub is locked up by the Dom who acts as the Keyholder. The Dom uses a key to lock the Sub’s cock and balls inside a device (chastity belt, cage, etc.). Then, the Keyholder can administer various forms of punishment for both pleasure and pain.

Essentially, the female or male Dominant will take ownership and control of the slave’s sexual organs and body. They will be the one who decides when and how to humiliate or reward the slave. The Dom will experience sexual arousal from dominating their servant. Conversely, the slave will relish the thought of being humiliated and tortured.

After that, chastity play is open to a couple’s imagination. You can try various kinks and fetishes during the male’s time in captivity or when he is unlocked. Some of the naughty activities you could attempt are bondage, femdom (female domination), orgasm denial, painplay, cock and ball torture, and anal domination. Most of these will not break the NNN “no orgasm” rule if the male is obedient.

On the other hand, you could practice a mild form of chastity play. The Keyholder could lock up the servant’s manhood to limit the couple’s sexual activity. If the couple is not into hardcore BDSM, chastity play could be a great solution to build up anticipation. The Keyholder can restrain their man’s junk for a while to withhold sex and have mind-altering orgasms later on. Just imagine how intense sex will feel after No Nut November!

How Chastity Helps

Woman locked in chastity belt

As we’ve outlined below, you can practice male chastity in combination with a wide range of filthy fetishes as well as traditional intercourse. Participating in NNN could offer a fantastic opportunity to chastity newcomers as well as those with experience. Depending on how you approach the challenge, you can still choose to engage in sexual activity without ejaculating, or you can stop playing around altogether.

Locking Your Cock

If you’re a beginner, having your manhood locked up during NNN could make it much easier to complete the challenge. Even if the temptation overcomes you, you will be constrained. And if you’re taking part in chastity play with your Keyholder, you won’t have to worry about breaking the rules.

The challenge will be incredibly kinky. Not only will you be banned from cumming, but the Keyholder will be the one enforcing the rules. That means that the Keyholder can set additional rules regarding punishment and authority. For example, the Keyholder could force the constrained man to perform all sorts of sexual favors while still banning him from ejaculating. Some could include worshipping, cuckolding, organism denial, bondage, humiliation, and more.

However, novices should approach chastity gradually and train a bit. Not everyone will be able to constrain their junk for a whole month at the start.

Before you even consider No Nut November, try to abstain from sex for a few days. Then, you can either use a chastity device on your own or together with your partner. However, start slowly at the beginning and prepare yourself for NNN by practicing for a couple of days or weeks.

And if you’re by yourself, you will be the one in charge of the key. Of course, this will be much more difficult as it may be tempting to succumb to your urges. If your Keyholder locks you up, they will be in charge of your cage. It’s also important to pay attention to hygiene while constrained and release the “beast” from its cage for frequent cleaning.

Benefits of No Nut November

As stated earlier, the challenge was originally a way to prevent excessive “fapping.” As it became practiced by thousands of men, it caught the attention of researchers and scientists. The general conclusion regarding abstinence for men is that avoiding ejaculation for long can lead to various health benefits.

While doctors recommend masturbation as a healthy activity, too much of it can be detrimental. Studies have shown that those who are addicted to masturbation and internet porn can suffer from a foggy mind. Plus, they can experience low energy and concentration levels. Moreover, frequent masturbation can hinder sexual performance and seriously alter one’s mood. Successful participation in the NNN challenge has a range of benefits that can combat the downsides of uncontrollably “spanking the plank.”

Effects of No Nut November

Research indicates that a break from masturbation for a week or more can seriously improve productivity in males. Moreover, it can boost testosterone as well as creativity and attractiveness. It may also lead to higher focus and a better sleeping schedule, plus an overall improvement in moods.

Interestingly, many NNN participants have recorded a significant improvement in their sex lives after the challenge was over. A user named Tommy I. claimed that NNN 2019 made him more aware of his environment, improved his relations with women, and boosted his self-confidence. Here is his confession:

“No Fap November was literally the greatest thing that happenet to me and my sex life ever! I’m glad to have had the will to make it through all 30 days even tho I was ready to burst... The first week was among one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do as a man… But I did it! The next month I wasn’t all that interested in having a relationship with my palm and laptop screen - I started to notice the beauty of actually talking and socializing with women instead of watching porn… I have noticed an improvement in my outlook and mood, productivity and overall wellness! And what about that first orgasm after 30 days? I can just say this: you’re gonna need a bigger bucket!!! LOL! Thank you No Nut November!”

Of course, this is just one example of how the challenge has helped and how it can result in many health improvements.

Share Your Experience!

Group of friends talking

If you do decide to take part in No Nut November 2020 or find out more about it, it will be useful to join communities like r/NoFap. You’ll be able to find a myriad of topics about masturbation, chastity, temptation, and more on the web. Plus, if you’re a chastity cage user, you could share your experiences about NNN and discuss how your cock cage has helped you during the challenge.

For couples, it would be beneficial for both of you to research the topic on the internet. After all, NNN started through online communities like r/NoFap, and there is a wealth of information there.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to read testimonials from others about male chastity. There are thousands of instructional videos on chastity and No Nut November that you can explore as you learn more about the benefits of controlling your desire to ejaculate.


Ultimately, challenges like NNN can serve as a useful reset button for your penis, but only if you have the patience and the will to get through them. By controlling your cock, you will also obtain greater power over your body and mind and will eventually see many improvements in your life. Even though the wait until No Nut November is long, there’s no harm in practicing your chastity today! Good luck!

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