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LocktheCock chastity casino

Welcome one and all to the grand opening of LTC’s Hidden Pleasures Casino! The only chastity themed casino on the planet!

Whether you’re a mischievous Mistress or the one wearing the cock cage, we’ve got the perfect game for you!

But what Casino would be complete without the chance to win big? Do well at our games, and you could win pleasures of your own, or even the grand prize… Freedom! (Just for a while at least)

It wouldn’t be gambling without an element of risk though. Do poorly and we’ve got plenty of punishments lined up to show the unworthy slaves their place! Even worse, you might end up with an even longer lockup period than you started with!

It’s high stakes, cock locking fun! The only question is:

Are you ready to play?

I thought you would be. What slave can say no after all? In that case, let’s show you around the games!

Wheels of time

No Casino would be complete without some good old fashioned, lever pulling fun. We’re talking slots of course!

The rules are simple - click the image above to start the wheels spinning. When you’re ready, click it again to stop the wheels.

Land on three keys, and you win your freedom! Unlock that cage and enjoy a day off chastity.

Get any numbers though and you’ll be extending your lockup. Add all of the numbers on the reels together, and add that much time to your current lockup period.

How many times will you spin?

Chastity blackjack

If you prefer games of skill, then why not play a few round on our card tables?

Our most popular game is blackjack. Don’t worry though, this is blackjack with a chastity twist!

All the usual rules apply (look them up online if you aren’t familiar) with a few added twists.

Beat the dealer, and you win a few moments of pleasure! Subtract the dealers hand from your own. The number you’re left with is how many minutes of fun you get. Grab a vibrator and hold it against that pathetic locked cock for that many minutes.

If you don’t have a vibrator, a phone on vibrate will do the trick.

If the dealer goes bust you get ten minutes!

It’s not all pleasure though. Each hand you lose will add one day to your current lockup period.

There are also a few twists to help make things that much more tantalising:

  • If either you or the dealer turn over two face cards, you earn three spanks!
  • If your hand contains an ace, take one day off your current lockup period. If the dealer’s hand has an ace add ten!
  • If you manage to pull off a five card hand, well done! Choose your own reward for the next five minutes! If the dealer manages a five card hand, bad luck! Your punishment is watching fifty minutes of your favourite porn WITHOUT touching your pathetic cock!

For those of you practising chastity alone, don’t worry, you can still take part! There are many free blackjack games online which let you play against a computer dealer.

The question is: Hit or Stick?

Mistress's roulette wheel

Cards not your thing? How about some other table games? One of our favourites is Mistress’s very own roulette wheel!

Rather than playing for money though, we play for days that your tiny cock will be kept in it’s chastity prison!

At the start of the game, work out how many days you have left in your current lockup period. Each day counts as one chip. At the end of your session, each chip more than you started with takes a day off your lockup period. Every chip you loose adds a day!

Just like blackjack, there are plenty of online roulette games you can play if you’re practising chastity solo.

To really make the roulette wheel thrilling though, play in a group! Each slave gets given a different colored chip for each day of their lockup. They all bet against each other, just like a real table.

At the end of the game, each one of your chips that another slave holds means that their mistress gets to be in control of you for the day!

Penalty bingo

Not all games have positive outcomes in our Casino. If you want to put yourself to the test, then how about a game of chastity bingo?

Bingo card

The idea is simple. If you do any of the above without Mistress’s permission, then you cross out that square. Get a full house, and you’re in trouble!

Your mistress will decide a suitably devious punishment for you. If you’re practising alone you’ll need to decide on your own punishment. Try to choose something that will take you out of your comfort zone and be a challenge. And make sure you stick to it!

Chastity keno

Keno is a super simple game, which is perfect for spicing up your chastity pledge!

To play, choose five random numbers between one and twenty. Then click here to have five numbers generated. Match them all and you can end your current period right now! Get any wrong though, and you’ll need to add another day to your lockup period.

A simple game, but will you take the risk?

To celebrate the opening of the Hidden Pleasures Casino, we’ve got a fantastic giveaway for all you chastity fans! Simply head over to our social media pages to learn more and enter today! But don’t take too long though, the giveaway is now over.

Join the Fun Today!

Our doors will always be open to any and all chastity slaves and Mistresses. So whenever you need to spice up your pledge, head over to the Hidden Pleasures Casino and see if you can win your pleasures, or suffer the consequences!

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