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Chastity & Femdom Stories

Man looking at his cock

Prove you can remain chaste whatever the challenge. Read some of our male chastity femdom stories and see what the world of male chastity can bring to you! But remember, no touching that cock…

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Male Chastity Captions

Mistress with key in her mouth

Test your willpower by subjecting yourself to our massive collection of Male Chastity Captions!

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Gay Chastity Story

Gay man

I was just about ready to delete my profile on the dating app when he messaged me.

I’d been active on the app for nearly a year, but in that entire time, I’d only gotten a small handful of dates. Even though my profile said “Reasonably Attractive Blonde Twink,” and was filled with flattering photos, mostly selfies I had taken in my free time, I just couldn’t catch anyone’s attention.

Well. I guess it was more that I couldn’t catch the kind of attention I wanted...

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