Entering the world of chastity and starting to use a cock cage can be quite a lifestyle change, but it might not be something you’re comfortable with everyone knowing about. That’s why Lock the Cock is committed to keeping things as private as we can. From the minute you place your order, right up until you receive your products, we promise to keep everything as discreet as possible.



We always want to keep our packaging as discreet as we can. All Lock the Cock packages will give no indication on the outside as to what’s contained within.

All our packaging is plain and white, with no "Lock the Cock" branding and no description of the contents on the outside. Smaller orders will be sent in plain white packages, while larger orders will be sent in plain cardboard containers. You can see an example of this in the image below

The only thing anyone will see if they look at your package is your name and address, keeping your privacy in tact.



We also provide a discreet payment service.

What this means is that your orders will not show up as Lock the Cock on your bank statement, instead displaying the corporate name which Lock the Cock operates under. 



Lock the Cock now offers EXPRESS SHIPPING! All of your LTC favorites are now shipped to you from our new US warehouse in 2 business days! Try express shipping now!

Note: The shipping period is only the preparation time where we process, prepare and dispatch your order. Delivery time is different.


Delivery times in the continental United States are up to 7 days*


*On some rare occasions our store will be out of stock, so we will ship directly from our international warehouse. This can take 14 to 21 working days.


International Shipping

Although we are an American company, we are also happy to ship to locations around the globe.

Please be aware that certain countries around the globe have very strict laws regarding sex toys, and fulfilling an order to one of these countries may be prohibited. We ask that you make sure that you are legally allowed to import sex toys into your country before placing any orders with us. We cannot accept responsibility for any orders that cannot be completed due to laws governing a country, but we will do our best to assist in any way possible. If you have any concerns, please contact your local government for further information.

*International deliveries take 14 to 21 working days.