Chastity Cage Sizing: How to Measure for your Tube & Ring

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How to measure for a chastity device

Selecting a perfectly sized cock cage is an art. The ideal cage for you will be tight but not painful, constricting and humiliating but not to the point of physical discomfort, and be able to consistently prevent erection without permanently cutting off blood flow to the penis.

A well fitted cage can be worn round the clock

A properly fitted cage, as long as it is kept clean and regularly inspected, can be safely worn round-the-clock without any damage to the penis occurring. It will prevent all typical functions - save for urination - while the cock is enclosed, but ejaculation and even erection will still be possible during rare breaks when your Master or Mistress allows your equipment to be freed.

However, when browsing through our extensive catalog filled with cock cages of all shapes and sizes, you may despair at ever finding the right one. You might even ask yourself - is the perfect cock cage for me really, truly, out there somewhere?

Here at Lock the Cock, we firmly believe that the answer is yes. It is our goal to ensure that each and every customer is able to find the correctly shaped, sized and fitted cage - or cages, if maintaining an extensive collection is more your style!

Like Cinderella when the prince placed the glass slipper on her foot, or Goldilocks snuggling into Baby Bear's bed, slipping your cock into that properly fitted cage will feel "just right". In order to truly find the right cage for you, there are a few steps we recommend that you take first.

In particular, measuring yourself and becoming aware of the size and dimensions of your penis (or your partner's penis, if you plan to surprise him with a nice new cage!) will turn cage shopping from a frustrating chore into a simple and even pleasurable activity!

This handy-dandy guide will walk you through the process of measuring your cock and sizing your cage from the safety and comfort of your own home. No special techniques or fancy tools required!

The anatomy of a cock cage
Measuring for the ring

Here at Lock the Cock, most of our products feature either a single, adjustable ring or a set of 2-5 rings of various sizes. These rings are measured by their diameter - meaning the distance from one side of the ring to another - and these measurements are listed on all of our product descriptions in both millimeters and inches.

A perfectly sized cock ring will fit snugly behind your testicles but will continue to allow blood to flow to the penis. It should not pinch or leave your equipment feeling numb or uncomfortable.

Because the penis is round and plump in shape, it is quite difficult to measure the diameter of yours or your partner's cock on its own. Therefore, we recommend measuring the circumference - the full distance around your cock - and then performing a simple calculation in order to determine the diameter from there.

Measuring the circumference

To obtain an accurate measurement of your cock's circumference, we recommend first taking a hot bath or shower. This will leave your cock flaccid but encourage the active flow of blood so that your final result will account for the slight swelling of the equipment as blood passes through. For best results, take your measurement immediately upon getting out of the shower or bath, before your body has had any time to cool down.

You can measure yourself using a number of common household objects. A measuring tape is made from yielding cloth which is specifically designed to measure round or irregularly shaped objects.

This can be easily wrapped around the cock just behind the testicles. If you do not own a measuring tape, you can instead wrap a length of string or ribbon around your cock, then straighten it out and record its length using a ruler.

Once you've got your circumference measurement, simply divide it by pi (approximately 3.14) to obtain the diameter. Below are a few examples of such calculations using popular cock ring sizes:

  • Circumference behind testicles of 157mm (6.1 inches) ÷ 3.14 = cock ring diameter of 50mm (1.96 inches)
  • Circumference behind testicles of 141mm (5.5 inches) ÷ 3.14 = cock ring diameter of 45mm (1.77 inches)
  • Circumference behind testicles of 125mm (4.9 inches) ÷ 3.14 = cock ring diameter of 40mm (1.57 inches)
Popular Ring Sizes
Measuring for the tube

Taking measurements for the long "tube" portion of your new cock cage is a significantly simpler process. You can use a straight ruler to measure the length of your equipment from base to tip.

As with the ring measurement, we recommend doing this right after a hot bath or shower, so that the penis is completely flaccid but there is some active blood flow to the area.

Measuring for the tube

Stand up tall with your back straight. Place the edge of the ruler against the base of your penis and lay it flat on the top of your penis. Then, in order to obtain the most accurate measurement, press the ruler firmly against your pubic bone.

This prevents any belly fat from getting in the way and messing up your measurement. You may wish to ask a partner or trusted friend to help you with this, as reading the ruler while remaining in a straight, tall posture can be difficult.

When choosing a cage, do not look for the tube which most closely matches your equipment in length. Instead, subtract between 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch (6 and 13 mm) from your measurement. For example:

  • Flaccid penis length of 4 inches = 3.5 or 3.75 inch cage
  • Flaccid penis length of 3 inches = 2.5 or 2.75 inch cage
  • Flaccid penis length of 2 inches = 1.5 or 1.75 inch cage
  • Flaccid penis length of less than 2 inches = 1 or 1.25 inch cage

The ideal cock cage tube will fit your penis tightly but not constrict it to the point that it cannot release urine. Ideally, your urethral slit will lie against the opening at the end of the tube. The width of the cage will be narrow and completely prevent you from achieving erection, no matter how aroused you may become.

Whatever size you need, Lockthecock has you covered. There are plenty of options in our collection for all kinds of slave.

Standard models including the Eyes on Her Prize, the Inescapable, and The Dark Cobra offer a variety of sizes the should comfortably hold most cocks. Small models like the Flat Gatling and the Steel Holy Trainer Nub are much smaller, hiding your cock away completely.

You should also consider extra features as well as the length. Cellmate can be locked and unlocked by a phone app, a timer function, and shock function. The Shock the Cock is a simpler model which also provides electrostim functions.

Various Size Cock Cages
Material and colors

Of course, sizing is probably the number one most important factor when it comes to choosing a cock cage, but there are plenty of other things to think about as well.

Lock the Cock offers a staggering degree of variation and personalization options which allow you to experiment with material, shape, color and erotic add-ons. We guarantee that the perfect cage for you can be found right here in our extensive catalog!

If a uniquely colored cage piques your interest, then silicone might just be the material for you. Our silicone cock cages come in a veritable rainbow of enticing colors.

Black, red and white each make a dramatic statement, clear allows you a perfect view of that twitching, desperate organ at all times, and pink adds that extra feminine touch for men who want to be reminded just how much of a sissy they are.

Alternately, you can simply give your favorite color a spin - we've got everything from bright yellow to powder blue, deep purple to metallic gold.

Temperature play Shock the cock
rings - solid and hinged

Chastity rings come in two distinct styles known as solid and hinged.

Solid rings are, as their name suggests, a single unbroken circle of metal incapable of "opening" or "coming apart". Meanwhile, hinged rings can be popped open via the use of a small hinge.

Putting on the cage

To put on a hinged ring, open it to its widest extent and place it around the penis just behind the testicles - as close as possible to the spot where you measured the diameter of your cock during sizing.

oil hinged rings

Your keyholder should gently close the ring while you move the skin of your cock as necessary to prevent any pinching or catching by the hinge. (Of course, if you're a masochist or have earned a punishment recently, catching just a bit of skin can provide a lovely short but intense jolt of pain!)

You will hear a distinctive clicking noise which will indicate that the ring has closed properly.

A solid ring is slightly more difficult to put on, but you will not encounter any risk of skin catching or pinching.

To put on a solid ring, first ensure that the penis is completely flaccid. Slowly and gently guide your testicles through the ring one at a time. Finally, bend the penis downwards and gently slip it through the ring.

Slicking things up with a small amount of your favorite sexual lubricant can help your cock slide and glide right into that nice snug ring!

slide and glide ring application
Dont forget the lube

Whether or not you decide to use lubricant when applying the ring, it is absolutely a must-have when slipping your cock into its brand new tube. We recommend having your keyholder apply a thin coating of lube around the entire glans of the penis.

Of course, cock cages need to be put on when your cock is flaccid. If you start to get hard during their ministrations, it's time to take a break, cool down that cock with some ice or chilled water, and try again!

Slide your cock into the tube until the tip of your penis is lined up with the slit or hole at the end of the cage. Then, have your keyholder help you connect the tube to the ring.

Most Lock the Cock models feature a series of simple pins which snap together to create a firm, unbreakable connection.

Finally, it's time to lock up! Have your keyholder perform this step to reaffirm the fact that they, not you, are now in full control of your cock and its functions. Store the key in a safe and inaccessible place - you can check out our Guide to Keyholding for some suggestions.

When breaking in a new cage, make sure to walk around for the first few hours wearing it. Use the toilet and ensure that urine can freely escape your cage as you relieve yourself. If you feel any pain, pinching, numbness, or other discomfort, let your keyholder know immediately. Wearing a cock cage long term should be difficult and uncomfortable, but it should not cause you any long-term pain or damage.

That's it! You've got yourself a perfectly sized, perfectly fitted cock cage to wear for as long as you desire - or rather, as long as your keyholder desires. Wondering what "cums" next? Well, we can say it's definitely not you… but you can take a look at our Chastity Play and Chastity Games guides to pick up a few ideas!

Chastity Basics

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