Do You Have Sex During Chastity?

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When you take the plunge into the world of male chastity, you might worry that your sex life will be a thing of the past!

This isn’t really the case though, and sex has a central role in the male chastity relationship. In this article, we’ll cover some of the very important ways that sex is used in male chastity.

I Don’t Want to Do Male Chastity, It Means I Can’t Have sex!

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It’s a common first thought. If the whole point of male chastity is to put your cock in a cage, then you won’t be having much sex, right?

Luckily for the guys, there is still plenty of sex in a chastity relationship. In fact, it’s one of the most important parts!

Sex is the forbidden fruit for your locked up man. Something that they want, but can’t have. By controlling when he gets to cum, the man will become more caring, attentive, and sometimes even more passive and feminine.

If we completely withhold sex though, it’s much more difficult to explore these aspects of male chastity. He might also get bored and decide he doesn’t want to do it anymore without an occasional treat!

There are a few different ways you can use sex in your chastity relationship, which we’ll go over now.

Sex with Your Mistress

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The most obvious example of chastity sex will be those rare times you get to have sex with your mistress.

Most men after a few weeks in a cage will jump at the chance for some sex, but this often wont be what they had in mind. Often your mistress will force you to focus on her pleasure, with oral sex or sensual massages. Only then will the indulge you in some pleasure of your own.

Each mistress is different, so it’s up to them to decide what the slave needs to do to deserve his sweet release. Even then though, no slave is safe, as she has the option to ruin the orgasm and really rile him up.

Over time, sex will become a useful tool for a mistress. It helps her control her slave, and teach him the proper way to behave if he wants all the rewards that come from being a chaste man.

The truly devious mistresses might even allow their slave to have sex with her fairly often. There’s a catch though! Rather than uncaging him, the mistress can force him to wear a strapon so he gets the experience of having sex with none of the pleasure!

Sex with Other Mistresses

Slave kissing mistress

Some mistresses like to make life even more torturous for their slave. Even when they get freed from their cage, they still aren’t allowed the prize they desire. Rather than getting to have sex with their mistress, they instead have to have sex with their mistress’s friends!

Just like before, the man may have to spend a long time pleasing each of his mistress’s friends before he gets any kind of satisfaction of his own. Even then, your own mistress (who you’ve been dying to have sex with) can remain out of the action, making you even more desperate for her.

A mistress can even use this kind of sex as a punishment for a disobedient slave. She might order her slave to pleasure all her friends with no release of his own, or could even find someone her slave considers unnattractive and make him have sex with her instead.

Sex with the Slave

Slave and mistress having sex

The final option might make a lot of men a little uncomfortable, but once they get through their initial fears it can become the most common sex a caged man sees.

We are of course talking about anal, but rather than slave having sex with mistress, the mistress gets to fuck the slave!

Naturally this kind of sex fits perfectly with the other power exchange dynamics found in a chastity relationship. There are a few different ways a mistress can play with her favourite toy though.

Pegging is a common option, and the ultimate conclusion of the role reversal experience. A mistress can don a strapon, bend her slave over, and pound till completely satisfied. You can also use a dildo instead if you like a bit more control over how your slave gets fucked.

Sometimes a mistress will delegate this responsibility, and bring in another man to have sex with her slave. Commonly called bulls, the second man in a chastity relationship can serve to completely humiliate the slave, and remind him of the man he wishes he could be. The bull will usually also have sex with the mistress whenever he wants, not restricted in the same way as the slave.

Finally, many mistresses love to spend time stimulating their slaves prostate. We cover this in much more detail in our guide to prostate stimulation, but this small gland can provide men sexual pleasure without the traditional release of orgasm.

When stimulating the prostate, mistresses can make their sessions excruciatingly long as the man won’t enter the refractory period. She can also milk his prostate, forcing all the cum out of his body without letting him ejaculate on his own.

Sex Positions

Doggy style

One of the greatest things about male chastity is how flexible it is. No matter what your favourite sex position is, you can include it in your sex life. Of course, positions which favor the mistress’s pleasure or give her more control will take priority. Some of the most common positions are...

Woman on Top — Cowgirl: This position is fairly common among straight couples. It’s your usual “woman takes control” pose, which consists of the girl sitting on top of her male partner, controlling the action. There are a few variations, of course, but it’s fairly standard for anyone who’s ever had intercourse. The female can sit looking forward towards her partner, or she can face away from him; that’s called “reverse cowgirl.”

Doggy Style: When you add bondage and domination to your sexual activities, you certainly bring your intimate relationship to a whole new level. Mixing cock cages with standard positions can make them interesting again.

Thus, when the guy wears his contraption down there, the female can make him get down on all fours. That allows her to fuck his brains out from behind. And, while she’s pounding him anally, she can of course begin to treat him like her pet dog.

Sitting on His Face: As you can imagine, oral sex can play a crucial part in a kink like this one. This type of intercourse can be a perfect example of how to dominate one’s partner. Nothing says who’s in control better than making your partner please your intimate region with their mouth. While one of the participants feels pleasure, the other one is simply left on their own.

Sex Toys

Sex toys

To stop things become stale or repetitive in the bedroom, sex toys can also bring an extra level of spice to your chastity sex life. Some of the most common examples include...

Strap-Ons - For Him: Just because you have your subby man locked tightly away in a chastity device doesn’t mean he can’t top you. Well, top might be a strong word there, as there’s nothing in him that’s topworthy. But he can penetrate you, just not with his own flesh.

Chastity Strap-Ons: Chastity-friendly strap-ons go over the cage and have a harness that fastens around the waist. Alternatively, the harness can also go around the man’s thighs, which means that you can position the dildo part of the strap-on anywhere you please — below or above the cage.

Strap-Ons - For Her: When we’re talking about using sex toys in a male chastity relationship, specifically strap-ons, we can’t help but mention strap-ons for women. Wearing a strap-on can be quite a powerful experience, as it lets the woman assume a traditionally male role.

Dildos: Dildos are another way to either get sexual pleasure from penetration or to peg your male chastity slave. When it comes to sex toys for couples, dildos are the most popular ones. What’s more, you probably have one (or a couple) that you can use without having to go shopping.

Vibrators: Vibrators are a surefire way to get you to a fast and satisfactory climax. Because they offer two (or more) types of sexual stimulation — penetration and vibration — they are more likely to get you where you want to be going than most other sex toys.

Plug it Up: Butt plugs are one of the greatest and simplest ways to combine ass play and male chastity. In many ways, a butt plug is similar to a cock cage in that it is a device which seals off a very sexual part of his body and prevents him from accessing it.

Because of their varying sizes and universally shared wide or flared base, a butt plug can be safely – if not quite comfortably – left inside an ass for long periods of time without any risk. As a keyholder, you should definitely take advantage of this fact and incorporate it into your regular teasing.

Sex Is Still A Crucial Part of Male Chastity

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Don’t let the fact that your cock will be in a cage put you off the idea of male chastity. Sex is still an important part of the dynamic, and you might even end up having more sex once you lock that cock!

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