About Us


We are a small, dedicated team of male chastity enthusiasts based in San Francisco, California. Between us, we have a combined total of 30 years of chastity and/or keyholding experience. Cock cages are our passion, and we love sharing them with all of YOU!


The idea for Lock the Cock actually arose in the late 1990s. Mark, newly relocated to the San Francisco area, was excited to become a part of the thriving local kink community. But, he was soon shocked to learn that, even among kinksters, chastity was considered “taboo”. It wasn’t talked about. It wasn’t shown off at meetings or events. And, worst of all, there was absolutely no resources available to educate curious folks about safe, healthy chastity practices.

As the Internet grew in popularity, Mark anonymously published a few posts and articles about chastity on various fetish sites. However, it wasn’t until he married his tech-savvy partner and long-term keyholder, Corinne, that they were able to make their dream a reality. A few years later, through their combined determination, enthusiasm and hard work, Lock the Cock was born!


MARK is a lifelong chastity enthusiast who studied programming and Web site design with the goal of creating his dream chastity website. He has been experimenting with chastity since he was 18 years old, and currently spends about 360 days a year locked up. When not blogging about chastity, Mark enjoys volunteering at animal shelters and cooking, especially his favorite food – hamburgers!

CORINNE is a professional erotic fiction author and full-time keyholder. In addition to Mark, she controls the cocks of up to four different men at a time. She adores long walks on the beach – sometimes with a locked-up “pet” behind her on a leash! – and considers herself a “breakfast connoisseur”. She does have a professional Mistress, name, which she might tell you someday…but only if you’re good! ;)