Solo Chastity and Online Chastity

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Solo and Online Chastity

The world of chastity is vast and enjoyable, and many men all over the world enjoy the pleasures that come with the chastity lifestyle.

But what happens if you aren’t already in a relationship?

What if your partner isn’t into the idea of locking you up?

What if you can’t find a willing keyholder to take ownership over your cock?

Are you out of luck? Forever doomed to a dismal life of normal sex?

Of course not! Even if you’re currently single, chastity is still an option! While it’s still equally rewarding, solo chastity and online chastity can be a challenge. So LocktheCock has put together this short guide to help you get the most out of your time locked up!

Solo Chastity?

What is solo chastity?/

Naturally, the first question on your mind will be… what? How can someone take part in a chastity relationship without a keyholder to keep them in line?

Well, we’re not going to lie to you. It’s difficult. While regular chastity involves a lot of submission and exploration, solo chastity is a journey of discipline and self control.

Why Bother?

This is a good question, and even many keyholding women wonder what a man can actually get out of solo chastity. Without a keyholder to tease and control them, much of the excitement of chastity could be lost.

That doesn’t mean you should just give up if you’re on your own though!

Many men approach chastity with more than a little apprehension, and solo chastity can be a great way to test the waters. You can try out some different cages, see how long you like being locked up, and basically figure out whether or not you’re going to actually enjoy chastity.

But even if you aren’t warming up for a full chastity relationship, solo chastity can still carry many of the same benefits. You can use it to help deal with an addiction to porn or masturbation, help tame your erections, or simply just because you love the feel of a cold hard cage on your cock!

How Does it Work?

Once the idea of solo chastity crosses your mind, the next thing you’ll begin to wonder is how it can possibly work. After all, if you’re locking yourself in a cage, then you’ll still have access to the key. So what’s to stop you just cheating whenever you get a little horny?

There are a few different answers here, but our favourite is simple.


Just like training to run a marathon, cook the perfect dish, or master an online game, solo chastity is a process of striving towards a goal and doing your best to achieve it.

Yes there will be times you fail, and sneak in a quick wank. Yes there will be days you just take it off because you don’t feel like it. And that’s totally fine.

The important thing is to figure out what you want to achieve from your solo chastity experience. Here are some example goals:

Solo chastity goals

As you can see, your goals can be incredibly varied. Depending on what you aim to achieve, your solo chastity experience will be completely different from another man’s.

Arm Yourself With a Plan

With your lofty goals in the front of your mind, the next best thing you can do is start to come up with a plan. Don’t just grab a cage, lock yourself up, and expect everything to go perfectly.

One of the best ways to do this is to draw up a contract, just like you would if you had a Mistress. It might seem silly entering into a contract with yourself, but having it in writing means that whenever you begin to waver you can look back over it and remember why you’re doing this.

Arm yourself with a plan

Let’s go back to the masturbation example. Say you’re the average guy, who likes to jack off once a day. You usually do it in the evening, between 7 and 9.

Well, as part of your contract, you can make 7-9 the hours that you wear your cock cage, effectively preventing yourself from that sweet release.

Or if your aiming to explore your other pleasurable body parts, you might add a clause that says you must spend time stimulating your prostate for X hours a week.

Tailor it to your own situation. Make it personal. Then stick to it! (At least as much as you can.)

Hold Yourself Accountable

Having a contract with yourself isn’t going to magically make you the perfect solo chastity slave. You’re still going to need to make sure that you stick to those rules.

Just like in a normal chastity relationship, the best way to do this is with punishments and rewards.

Again though, just thinking that you’re going to punish yourself when you cheat probably isn’t going to happen. You should figure out how you plan to punish and reward yourself when you draw up your contract. That way you can’t argue with yourself!

But it shouldn’t all be about the punishments! If you don’t give yourself a few treats every now and again you’ll surely lose enthusiasm for your solo chastity pledge.

Make it Fun!

Even though we’ve mostly talked about rules and punishments and all kinds of serious things, that doesn’t mean solo chastity has to be boring! There are plenty of ways to keep it fun, interesting, and most importantly, enjoyable!

Here are a few ideas to spice things up when practising chastity alone:

The key bowl The Key Bowl: You’ll need lots of keys for this one. They don’t have to be for anything in particular, so you could get a locksmith to just cut a bunch of random ones. Place them all into a bowl or bag, along with your cage key (the dummy keys should be roughly the same size and shape). Each day, you pull out a key and try to unlock your cage. Get the right key and you can have some fun. Pull the wrong key and you’ll need to wait another day! If you want to make the game even harder, every time you pull the wrong key you can return it to the bowl.

Wheel of misfortune Wheel of Misfortune: Want to leave your fate to chance? Generate your own wheel of misfortune with an online wheel generator (or try out ours). Add plenty of punishments and a few good results, then spin away! Whatever it lands on you have to do, just like you would with a real Mistress.

Make it random Make it Random: Dice can help in many different ways during solo chastity. You can roll to see how long you need to stay locked up. Or only unlock on the days where you manage to roll a double. You could even make a list of punishments and chores and let the dice decide what you need to do on that day!

Connect with others Connect With Others: If you ever find yourself running out of ideas, there are always plenty of people you can connect with online. You could use polls to help make your decisions for you, or ask others to suggest fun ways to spend your time during lockup. The possibilities are truly endless and two heads are always better than one!

But What About the Keys?

Even with all this in mind, we still have the unanswered question of your keys. What’s to stop you just deciding you’ve had enough for the day and unlocking yourself?

There are a few different ways around this, and it kind of depends how far you're willing to go to keep your cock in it’s cage.

Option 1: Accept That You’re Human

Accept that you're human

Just face it. You aren’t a chastity machine. There’s going to be times when you slip up.

The simplest option when worrying about your keys is just to accept that sometimes it’s going to happen!

If you take this approach you’ll be focusing more on self-discipline and improvement. At first it might be difficult to face the temptation of unlocking yourself for a little while. But over time it will gradually get easier and easier.

You’ll probably need to start small. Maybe locking up for an hour or so a day. Then as your willpower increases you can gradually increase your lockup periods. Before you know it you’ll be going all day with relatively few issues!

This kind of discipline can also work wonders in the rest of your life. That project you’ve been constantly putting off? Well it’ll distract you from wanting to unlock your cage, so get on with it! Trouble concentrating at work? Keeping busy will make the lockup time fly by!

Option 2: The Block of Ice

The block of ice

If you want your key to be close at hand, then storing it somewhere outside your house probably isn’t something you want to consider. But if you simply place it in a drawer or cupboard then you’ll be constantly tempted by it.

A great option is to freeze it. You can put the key in a bottle or container, cover it with water, and freeze it!

If you’re overcome with a sudden wave of temptation, you’ll need to defrost your key. This will take at least a few minutes, so you’ll have time to cool down, regain your composure, and decide whether or not you really want to break your pledge.

You’ll also feel reassured that if you really need to get out of your cage in an emergency, your key will still be accessible.

Thanks to the amount of time it takes to freeze the key each time, this might not be the most ideal solution if you’re only locking up for an hour or two each day. But once you start spending longer and longer periods in your cage, it’s a great option for storing your key.

Option 3: Post It!

Post it

This one might sound a little strange, but it’s a great way to get a little taste of the full chastity experience is like!

Find the slowest postage option you can, drop your key in an envelope (after you’ve locked yourself up), and post it to yourself. You’ll have to wait a few days for it to arrive, so you won’t be able to get out of your cage no matter how much you want to.

If you want to make opening the mail even more exciting, you can send yourself several different envelopes all at different speeds. That way when they post arrives, you won’t know if it’s your key or not! Add some notes to tease yourself in the extra envelopes and you’ll be desperately waiting for the mailman each day.

Option 4: Give it to Your Neighbour

Give it to your neighbour

Obviously most people aren’t going to want to come right out and say “Hey neighbour, can you look after the key to my cock cage?”

What you can do though, is put your cage key on a key ring along with your real house keys, and ask them to look after your “spare set”. Then you can decide how long you want to stay locked, and the day freedom comes you can “forget your keys” and fetch the spares from your neighbour.

This has the added bonus of making it a bit more awkward to let yourself out early as you’ll need to think of an excuse to get the spares from your neighbour. Do it too often and they might get suspicious…

If you go this route you’ll need to make sure you know when your neighbour will be home. You might find yourself a little trapped if they happen to go on holiday when you need to get out of your cage!

Option 5: Find a Safe Place

Find a safe place

If keeping the key near your home is just too tempting for you, then try and think of somewhere else you might be able to store it. Preferably a decent distance away, or somewhere that you won’t have access to any time you want.

If you have your own office or desk and can lock the key away, then your workplace can be an ideal option. As an added bonus, when you want to retrieve the key you’ll have to wear your cage to work, giving yourself an extra little thrill.

You could also try burying it in a box, somewhere in the wilderness. Then you’ll need to take a long walk with a shovel which should make you think twice about cheating. Just make sure you find somewhere out of the way, and bury it well or someone might make off with your key!

Be creative! If you have a locker at the gym, a PO box, or maybe even hide it in a friends house who you visit regularly. Just make sure it’s not easy to get to!

Option 6 – Keyholding Equipment

If all of the things we’ve discussed so far seem a bit extreme, or you’re looking for something closer to home, then you could try some of the various keyholding equipment on the market.

Some of these aren’t necessarily designed for keyholding, such as safes and lockboxes, but they work perfectly well. The most common way to do this is with some kind of container that needs a combination code to unlock. Obviously knowing the code will defeat the object as you could just unlock it when you feel like it, so most slaves randomly spin the wheels to make the code, then take a picture of it. You can send the picture to a friend and then delete it from your phone, or just keep it somewhere safe.

In recent years more dedicated solutions have also become available. Our favorite one to use is a Key Pod. This pod pairs with an app on your phone, and takes care of all locking and unlocking. You can slide your key in, set a timer on the app, and then it won’t open until the time runs out, taking away all the temptation.

Option 7 – Don’t Use a Key!

If none of these options work for you, then maybe it would be better to do without one entirely. Both combination locks and timer locks are compatible with most padlock based cock cages. You can ask someone else to set the combination for you, or choose how long you want to stay caged with the timers.

These types of padlocks might be a bit bulkier than the traditional key versions, so you might not like them for long term use. If you’re just doing shorter chastity sessions though they’re a great way to remove temptation.

Online Chastity

If you truly can’t get past the difficulty of holding your own key, then you might wonder if chastity is really something you can do alone. Don’t give up though! There’s always the option of online chastity.

Online chastity can take a number of different forms. At its simplest, you can just find a keyholding service. You send your key to them, and they keep hold of it until you ask for it back.

Due to the need to post your key backwards and forwards, many keyholding services will recommend you keep a spare in your possession so that you can get out of your cage in an emergency. This still leaves you with the temptation of unlocking yourself, so it’s less than ideal.

A slightly more tempting option is to take advantage of one of the many “code holding” websites and apps. These work slightly differently, in that you don’t physically send your key to someone else.

Instead you need a lockbox or safe of your own, and a combination lock. Your key will be placed inside.


The code is then set either with the help of the app/website, you take a photo of the combination, or use a webcam to set your code. The point is, you shouldn’t be able to remember the code yourself, but when your lockup time is over the app or website will give you the code to get your key back.

Some will give you options like random lockup times, or make getting your code back into a game, so you never know exactly how long you’ll remain locked up. These solutions aren’t perfect, but many men enjoy solo chastity with the help of these aids.

Online Mistresses

Sometimes, trying to enjoy chastity on your own just isn’t the same no matter what you try. There’s still one final option if you find yourself in this situation. An online Mistress.

This kind of relationship works in a similar way to a real life chastity relationship, only most of the interaction takes place online.

If you decide to go down this route, it’s important to remember that this relationship still needs to go both ways. Too many men find an online Mistress and spend most of their time focusing on what they want. When they want to be unlocked. When they want to talk to their Mistress.

As any good slave should know, your Mistress is the most important person in the world. You should do everything you can to make her happy, and it’s no different online!

There are many different ways to find an online Mistress. Some will request your keys be mailed to them, others will help you lock them away safely. Some will require a contract, while others will prefer a less formal arrangement.

Take the time to find the right Mistress for you, and your online chastity adventures will be that much more enjoyable!

LocktheCock is Here to Help!

While we can’t replace a Mistress in your chastity relationship, here at LocktheCock we are keenly aware that many of our customers are practising chastity solo. We put a lot of effort in providing all of the information you need, tantalising comics to help keep you in line, and devious challenges that will push your pledge to the limit!

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