Best Tips for Sissy Chastity Sluts

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Sissy chastity slave

There’s something inherently feminine about the whole idea of male chastity. Therefore, it’s no wonder that wearing a chastity device is one thing that most sissies have in common.

Being a sissy means embracing that gorgeously gentle, feminine side of yourself. Some consider it to be an exciting field trip into another world, while others think of it as a key part of their personality.

Be it a one-time thing or a long-term commitment, sissy chastity play is ideal for docile, subservient types who want nothing more than to please their Mistresses. Being a male sissy in chastity increases the levels of humiliation and the levels of fun for your Keyholder while giving you exactly what you need — to be dominated, degraded, and put in your place.

Wearing a sissy cage can be both deliciously constricting and liberating at the same time. A chastity device will keep you from getting too aroused and orgasming, thus pushing you further into that submissive, meek, and obedient headspace. What’s more, it can temporarily shrink your boy-clit, thus making you even more of a feminine sissy.

On the other hand, as your frustration levels rise from being locked up, you’ll start to be more open-minded. In other words, things that wouldn’t normally rile you up will definitely get a rise (pun intended) out of you, which makes playtime that more fun.

What Is the Most Sissy Cock Cage?

Female underwear and chocolates

When it comes to the topic of the sissy chastity cage, the options you have at your disposal are practically endless. However, we all know what types work best for tender, submissive, feminine sissies.

A truly devoted sissy should always strive to look as feminine, desirable, and sexy as possible. Complete feminization is the ultimate goal, which is why cages for that boy-clit are of the utmost importance.

Sissy chastity cages train you to be not only obedient but also as feminine as you can. They dominate your boy-clit in the same way your Keyholder dominates you. Before you know it, your boy-clit will be pounded into obedient submission, looking delectably girly.

You don’t want your boy-clit hanging out willy-nilly, right? Something has to reign it in and make it look less repulsively macho. But what’s the best clitty cage for sissies? Which one will make you look as delicate and ladylike as you want?

Pretty in Pink

You can’t go wrong with pink! Ever! Pink is the most feminine color out there. Anything from soft baby pink to loud, bold fuschia will highlight your femininity and make you look softer and more graceful.

Sure, sissy chastity devices come in all colors, but nothing can beat pink. Pink chastity cages will shrink your unnecessarily large and useless cock and turn it into a petite, delicious rosebud. After all, you have to shrink a little bit to expand your world. So why not do it in the most sissy of all cages — the pink one?

Pink is a gentle color that has a calming effect. It’s also reminiscent of kindness, tenderness, and it’s a nurturing symbol of female obedience. It’s a joyful color, vibrant and, of course, feminine — all qualities a willing sissy like you should strive for.

Make It As Girly As Possible

Woman in lingerie

But why stop there? Why not go the extra mile and make it as girly as possible? You can accessorize your clit cage with pink, purple, lavender, and rose gold bows, jewels, ribbons, and even engrave your sissy name on it. You can also spell your name out in glitter to make it even more girly.

Now, while a pink cage with glitter and rainbows sounds like the epitome of femininity, it isn’t enough. To complete your process of sissification, you’ll also have to be mindful of what you wear and how you act and speak. Being a sissy is a 24/7 task, and if you want to be a real girl, you’ll have to put in the work!

What to Wear

Clothes don’t make a man, but they sure do make a sissy! Now that you’ve picked out the most beautiful cage, you have to pick the rest of your outfit.

Of course, women’s clothing is a must. No matter what type of sissy you choose to be or evolve into, feminine apparel and a sissy cage are what sissies are known for. Sissy maids, for example, have it quite easy, as they practically have a uniform. Of course, even then, there’s a lot to be done to make that uniform as girly and sexy-looking as possible.

Coordinate Your Clothes

Sissy fashion is all about visual impact. When you’re living the life of a sissy, you must coordinate your outfits with your boy-clit cage.

Sissy chastity requires pushing everything masculine away and cleansing your body, mind, and wardrobe of it. A proper mindset will get you much further than just a pink, frilly outfit.

That’s not to say that you don’t need a pink, frilly outfit. Quite the contrary — clothes are a huge part of your sissy persona. If possible, you should shun masculine clothing as much as you can. If you must succumb to the pressures of your more vanilla surroundings, then make sure always to keep at least one or two pieces of clothing on you that will remind you that you are indeed a sissy.

For example, if you have a job that requires you to wear dreadful, masculine clothes, you can wear soft, silky lingerie underneath. Of course, wearing your pink chastity cage is also a must.

Fabrics Matter

Different color fabrics

When choosing outfits for your sissy play sessions, you can pick some yourself or have your Keyholder pick them out for you. After all, you should be an obedient little girl that strives to satisfy her Keyholder. So, if your Keyholder wants to see you in pink lace or soft silk, you need to comply.

Lace, silk, satin, velvet, and tulle are the girliest fabrics. So, if you’re choosing outfits for yourself, we suggest that you don’t stray too far away from these textures. Satin panties that will delicately hold your caged clit paired with soft lacy bras or velvety figure-shaping corsets will make you look sexy and womanly.


No matter what type of outfit you choose to wear — be it a one string panty garment or a full girly outfit with skirts and a blouse — you need to accessorize it. A killer pair of high heels will tie any outfit together and make it more ladylike. Women love wearing heels, and sissies should adore them just as much, if not more. Also, not only do heels look amazing, but they are also another type of torture you have to go through in your pursuit of femininity.

Aside from heels, you can use accessories to enhance the femininity even more. Padded bras or silicone breastplates will make your body curvier, and a garter belt combined with nylon-clad legs will make you look like a lingerie model. Or, better yet, a picture-perfect sissy!

You should also make sure to put on makeup carefully and meticulously. To make sure you look as girly as possible, go for a more soft, rosy-cheeked look rather than harsh makeup. Also, you can learn how to contour to make your features softer. You can even contour your Adam’s apple away!

Along with makeup, a real sissy will always be freshly shaved or waxed before a play session. Hairy women are a turn-off, so an obedient sissy should look as feminine for her Keyholder. That means not only shaving so you have a soft skin that silk will easily glide over, but also growing out your hair or wearing wigs. Hair accessories like flower crowns and hairbands, are also a good idea.

How to Act

Woman on stage acting

A transformation from a pitiful male to a beautiful and servile sissy takes more than simple clothing. To be a perfect sissy, you have to act like a lady and be completely obedient to your Keyholder.

Act Like a Lady

Remember; a good sissy doesn’t have any needs apart from pleasing her Keyholder. What’s more, sissies don’t deserve sexual pleasure, and they only live to serve the Keyholder, both sexually and non-sexually. But what does that entail?

Being a Good Little Sissy

The best sissies are very submissive. They act on their Keyholder’s every request and live to heed their demands. What’s more, they should never make decisions on their own. That’s what the Keyholder is for. They are the decision-makers because they know what’s best for their girls.

Good little sissies are obedient not only in the privacy of the play setting but also in public. You should always respect those who are better than you and submit to them. That’s especially true for your Keyholder. Be shy and polite in public. Never interrupt your Keyholder when they are speaking. Don’t even think about disobeying them.

Talk That Talk

Sissies should always strive to be feminine, delicate, and meek. When you picture the perfect girly sissy, can you imagine her with a deep voice? Of course not! Therefore, during sissy chastity play, make sure to keep your voice more high-pitched. Deep, manly voices are a big no-no for sissies.

So, aim for a breathy, high-pitched voice and make sure you’re soft-spoken. Of course, speak only when spoken to, and don’t talk back to your Keyholder. Obedience is the number one rule of sissy chastity play.

And Walk That Walk

High heels

During sissy play, you’ll probably always be in heels. So, make sure to practice walking in them. You don’t want to look like a newborn giraffe. To be poised and graceful like a true lady, you’ll need lots of practice!

A Good Sissy Is Always Careful

Sissies should watch what and how they eat. If your Keyholder permits mealtime during play, make sure to sit at the table with good posture, and place a napkin in your lap. Take small, delicate bites and chew with your mouth closed. Ladies aren’t nasty, so sissies shouldn’t be either.

While on the subject of sitting down, dining tables aren’t the only places where you should sit politely down. If you need to go and relieve yourself, remember that girls sit down when they are peeing. After all, there’s no way you could aim that useless clit anywhere, let alone hit the toilet bowl. So, be a good little sissy and sit down to pee!

Being a Good Sissy Isn’t All About Sex

Since you’re not only submissive to your Keyholder but also a good sissy, you should make sure to take on all the traditional female household chores. Cleaning, cooking, and ironing should be yours by default. Even if your Keyholder doesn’t order you to do them, you should still make sure that they are your responsibility.

Furthermore, if your Keyholder gives you some free time, make sure to fill if with feminine tasks. Check your makeup, do your hair, and strut around in one of your many dainty outfits.

Language to Use

Slave and mistress in kinky clothing

Becoming a chastity sissy means embracing femininity in all aspects of life. That also includes language. What’s more, because you’re naturally submissive, you should make sure to answer only to those names your Keyholder picks for you.

Moreover, never refer to yourself as a man. This one is a common-sense rule, but maybe we should drive it home for you one more time — your useless, worthless boy-clit doesn’t make you a man! You are nothing more than a gorgeously feminine sissy, so make sure to refer to yourself as such.

Nicknames and Pet Names

Most Keyholders have their favorite go-to nicknames and pet names for their submissive chastity sissies. They range from the common bitch, slut, cockslut, whore, girl-toy, etc., to more sissy-oriented nicknames like little girl, girly boy, and the good old sissy.

You and your Keyholder will also develop favorite nicknames for your genitals. Your caged pee-pee and your boy-pussy will maybe become clitty stick and sissy cunt.

When it comes to nicknames, the only limit is your imagination. Here are some of the best nicks for your genitals to choose from or suggest to your Keyholder:

  • Shrimp
  • Panty disgrace
  • Sissy Pebble
  • Cocktail Weenie
  • Tooth Pick Nub
  • Bitch Bump
  • Sorry Excuse of a Clit
  • Sissy’s Love Button
  • Tiny Bump
  • Little Birdie
  • Minge
  • Fanny
  • Barbie Crotch

Polite and compliant sissies will gladly and eagerly accept all nicknames from their Keyholder. Sissies don’t deserve manly names or even to be called by any name apart from the humiliating (albeit accurate) nicknames their Domme or Dom chooses.

How to Have Sissy Sex

Women enjoying foreplay

Although you’re probably horny all the time thanks to that sweet denial, you should know, like a good little sissy, that your locked penis couldn’t possibly service and satisfy your Keyholder.

Because you’re constantly denied the climax you so desire, you’re not only horny but also desperate for release. That puts you in a specific, submissive mindset. Your Keyholder probably wants you precisely there since it makes you more pliable and easy to control.

Dealing With the Burning Desire

Hyper-femininity is the staple feature of sissiness. One might not be able to achieve it in reality, but as long as both the sissy and her Keyholder believe and act as if the sissy is an epitome of femininity, their play will be successful.

Consent Is Everything

Because you won’t be allowed to cum or get any sort of sexual gratification for a long time (sometimes even weeks or months), you’ll get extremely desperate. As mentioned, that will put you into a particularly compliant mood. That’s why you may be more open to suggestions or trying out things you otherwise wouldn’t. For example, you might not usually be into having your ass pounded by a huge muscly man. And yet, you might find yourself weeping for more of that delicious cock after a few weeks with no release.

That is where a contract or traditional BDSM negotiations will come in handy. Sissies tend to be open to just about anything that might bring them release and/or satisfy their Keyholder. However, the Keyholder shouldn’t take advantage of that. While of sound mind, you should both agree on what the hard limits are.

Servicing Your Keyholder

Traditionally, sissies don’t engage in penetrative sex as pitchers. Since their cocklets are not only in cages but inadequate to satisfy anyone anyway, the only way they have sex is with their boy-pussy — through anal penetration.

Of course, that means that good, obedient sissies train their asses and stretch them, so they would be able to take their Keyholder or anything their Keyholder wants them to take (and get their prostates stimulated).

During sissy chastity play, a sissy can fuck herself with various sex toys, for the viewing pleasure of their Keyholder. However, the Keyholder can also use dildos, vibrators, and even strap-ons to give that sissy what she craves the most — a good pounding. After you experience a prostate orgasm or a two after a long time of climax denial, you’ll forget all about those puny barely-there orgasms that come from penile stimulation.

The Keyholder can also make the sissy service them orally, which prolongs the chastity lockup time and therefore increases the entire experience.

If both parties are open to it, a third person can join in to fuck the sissy. That third party can be a masculine alpha male who will not only fuck the sissy’s brains out but also show them how generally inadequate they are as anything other than a sissy.

Alternatively, the Keyholder can also bring in someone to have sex with, while the sissy watches. The fact that the sissy can’t participate and satisfy herself or any of the other people present adds on to the humiliation and pleasure denial.

A Few Parting Words

While you’ll never be able to achieve the ultimate heights of femininity, you can still be a good sissy and come in a close second. What’s more, you might even manage to look and feel more delicate and submissive than most ladies out there.

Still, there’s more to being a sissy than simply looking feminine. Satisfying your Keyholder, obeying their every order, and generally being docile and pliant are things to strive for. Chastity sissy play is both an ideal pastime and a full-time kink lifestyle. It’s a perfect marriage of two worlds that complement each other — sissy play is a perfect enhancement of chastity, while chastity helps sissies with further feminization. So, a win-win.

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