See Through Black Chastity Key Safe Box
See Through Black Chastity Key Safe Box
See Through Black Chastity Key Safe Box
See Through Black Chastity Key Safe Box

See Through Black Chastity Key Safe Box

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For a sadist like you, there's nothing more satisfying than watching your partner plead to be released. His every cry and beg for your mercy turns you on more.

If you're this cruel to your lover when it comes to sex, you better need to be reminded when to stop. If his safe gestures and words do not trigger you anymore, then you must consider getting this to keep the play safe and sane.

When you are so high in libido, there are things that you might forget to do. Like perhaps remembering where you laid or hid the keys you used to lock your partner up. This box is the solution! It is where you can drop the keys to her chain or gag or leash.

This safe is acrylic, so it's not fragile and won't easily break even if you drop it from your table. Even so, you can find it without any effort as it's relatively bulky with its 56mm by 60mm by 62mm dimension. It comes in a transparent black color, too, to allow you to check whether, the keys are indeed still inside.

Match it with a timer-lock with alarm, and it should trigger you to refrain from what you might be overdoing. You can get digital or manual locks, whichever you prefer. Do not worry about your role. Limiting your punishments does not mean being lenient to your partner. It just keeps everything safe, so you can always do it over and over again.

As a sadist, you want to dominate your masochist forever and ever. However, make sure to execute the plays safely and with sanity. Keep those keys inside. Get yours now by clicking that "Add to Cart" button!

Colour Transparent Black
Material Acrylic

Length: 56mm

Width: 60mm

Height: 62mm

All LocktheCock packages are shipped with your privacy in mind. The package will be discreet and bear no markings to identify it as a cock cage.

Comfort, Style, Functionality

Each LTC cage is carefully selected by our team of experienced slaves and Mistresses to ensure that whichever one you choose, you’ll enjoy the premium chastity experience you expect from Lock the Cock.

Privacy and Discretion Assured

Both shipping and billing are handled discreetly and securely. Lock the Cock won’t show up on package labels or bank statements, keeping your pledge our secret.