Metal Cage with G-String Belt
Metal Cage with G-String Belt
Metal Cage with G-String Belt
Metal Cage with G-String Belt
Metal Cage with G-String Belt
Metal Cage with G-String Belt
Metal Cage with G-String Belt
Metal Cage with G-String Belt

Metal Cage with G-String Belt

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Color and Size Black - Small

Once you have reached the torturous level in cock caging, AKA the use of metal chastity cages, things tend to slow down a little bit from there. It may come to a point when the rush, the thrill, and the view of his suffering won't be as satisfying anymore. So as a Mistress, it is always a must to add variety to your playtime.

And if you are on the lookout for a versatile way to lock your partner's cock, then you sure will love this. Whether you want your partner to portray a gigolo or a womanizer that you wish to deny pleasure, nothing beats this item in making that scene happen. While he won't ever escape the humiliation of having his penis restrained, you can make the play lighter and more exciting for both of you.

With its metal enclosure, it would be impossible for him to escape from your full control. Once locked, he can go on with his day without the need for you to open it. He can wear it for long hours as it has a G-string as the metal cage's support and a long catheter placed inside it to help him urinate.

And should you wish to spice things up more, you can also try this product with pegging. It has a hole to help you drill his butt without again needing to let his cock out in the open. With stainless steel as its material, you can rest assured of getting a durable item. The whole ensemble boasts skin-friendliness, so it's perfectly safe for your partner's penis.

Wash this tool with warm water and mild soap before and after use to remove all specks of dirt and impurities on its surface. Keep it dry all the time and store it at room temperature when not in use.

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Material Stainless Steel
Color Pink, Black
Ships With 1 Chastity Belt, 2 Keys, 1 Padlock
Cage Dimensions

Length: 3.1"/78.7cm

Width: 1.4"/35.5cm





23.6"/59.9cm - 35.4"/89.9cm

35.4"/89.9cm - 43.4"/110cm

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