Gold Fufu Chastity Clip
Gold Fufu Chastity Clip
Gold Fufu Chastity Clip
Gold Fufu Chastity Clip

Gold Fufu Chastity Clip

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Looking to add a little luxury to your nice feminine bulge? You’ve found it with the Golden Metal Fufu Clip!

A Fufu Clip is a simple solution for slaves who don’t like the look of a caged cock. Instead, the skin of the scrotum keeps your penis in check, and provides a gorgeous looking clitty that is just as attractive as the real thing.

To put it on, all you need to do is pull the skin of your scrotum through the inner ring of the clip, then push it back through the outside. Once it’s on you can barely notice it’s there, so you can wear it anytime, any place, and most importantly, with any outfit.

The Golden Clip takes the existing metal clip and elevates it further with a beautiful golden finish. If anyone does see the clip they’ll be dazzled by your feminine beauty.

Fulfill your sissy fantasies in style. Pick up your own Golden Fufu Clip today and experience this exciting alternative to caged life.

  • Material:Metal
  • Clip Length:
  • Inner Clip Width:
  • Outer Clip Width:
  • One size fits most!

All LocktheCock packages are shipped with your privacy in mind. The package will be discreet and bear no markings to identify it as a cock cage.

Comfort, Style, Functionality

Each LTC cage is carefully selected by our team of experienced slaves and Mistresses to ensure that whichever one you choose, you’ll enjoy the premium chastity experience you expect from Lock the Cock.

Privacy and Discretion Assured

Both shipping and billing are handled discreetly and securely. Lock the Cock won’t show up on package labels or bank statements, keeping your pledge our secret.