Silicone Chastity Cages

Get your cock into position as your Mistress slips one of these Silicone Chastity Cages on. You've been a bad boy lately, and she wants to punish and torture you. These could be answers to her problems

If your Mistress wants your cock to go through humiliation without too much pain, then you're a fortunate man. Silicone is used for the beginners and if you have a considerate Dom. What's in it for the both of you? Unlike metal and stainless steel, this material is flexible, lightweight, hypoallergenic and won't cause any discomfort on your weak little cock. It's also the only material that's soft and smooth, your male chastity device will feel like a cushion more than a cage.

There are different kinds of silicone in the market. But the one our cock cages have is medical grade, which is the type that is used for baby bottle nipples, food containers, syringes, and the like. This kind of silicone is also non-porous making it waterproof.

Don't think that your torture and your Mistress' pleasure is compromised. Our silicone chastity cages may be built for the weaklings, but they are still built to give them a taste of their cocks being on the lock. Most of the male chastity devices you'll see in this collection feature a completely enclosed casing with a few holes just enough for some breathing space.

The cages are either straight or curved, so you better make sure that your penis is perfectly flaccid before inserting it in its silicone cage. These devices are not flexible enough to adapt with your cock if it decides to get stiff on its own; they are still effective for preventing Little Larry from being stubborn and doing his own thing.

Bathroom breaks should never be an excuse to break free from being under Mistress' power and command. Then so be it. Our silicone chastity cages all feature a perforation at the tip to allow urine to flow freely, or better yet, you can use this as an entryway for inserting a penis plug or a urethral sound.

All of our silicone cages feature a brass padlock to secure your Mistress' plaything. The only device that does not have a padlock is The Guilty Pleasure Male Chastity Device which does not have any locking mechanism at all; you simply insert your cock and balls in the holes, and you're all set. The rest of the cages all need to be under lock and key to really get the full experience. Only your Mistress is allowed to hold the keys to your cock's freedom, making you really a slave to all her personal requests and satisfying her sexual desires.

One of the advantages of using silicone for the primary material of your male chastity devices is the different array of colors to choose from. The material can be changed into different colors, giving you more options and yet another reason to use silicone chastity cages for your cock.

Don't make your Mistress wait. Browse through our collection and present her the authority of having a cock on bars under her control. She would be very pleased.

Silicone Chastity Cages - Safety, Quality + Comfort Guaranteed! Find a snug fit in our silicone chastity cage collection!