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Watchful Eye Transparent Plastic Cage 2.75 inches and 3.55 inches long

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discreet guaranteed

Stare all you want because that is all you can do! Our Watchful Eye Transparent Plastic Cage will lock your sissy cock until your key holder grants you mercy. Embrace abstinence and welcome chastity with open arms. This very kinky CBT sex toy sends our warmest welcome to your chastity journey.

 Our Watchful Eye Transparent Plastic Cage is ideal for beginners. It is lightweight and convenient to use. Lock it up and you’ll never feel it is there. Do not let your cock tie you down, commit to chastity like you never want to screw someone in your life, ever again.

This chastity device is undeniably secure and comfy. It is highly transparent so you and your key holder can still see your cock but there will be no physical contact. Prepare yourself for intense taunting and all-night teasing. Give your Dominant a night she’ll never forget. Activate her pleasure center as she suppresses your orgasm. Our Watchful Eye Transparent Plastic Cage has a hole at the tip for urine passage.

This firm plastic chastity device comes in voyeuristic clear. The kit includes five cock rings in various sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your penis. Our Watchful Eye Transparent Plastic Cage both a padlock for everyday play and plastic seal tags for going through airport security with your cock still locked. Watchful Eye Transparent Plastic Cage is available in both small and large sizes.

Color/Type Transparent Penis rings
Material Transparent Plastic
Ring Dimension D 3.5cm(1.38 in)
D 3.8cm (1.49 in)
D 4.3cm (1.69 in)
D 4.6cm (1.81 in)
D 4.9cm (1.93 in)
Cock Cage Dimension


Small: 7cm(2.75 in)

Large: 9cm(3.55 in)