The Punisher Plastic Cage 2.09 inches long
The Punisher Plastic Cage 2.09 inches long
The Punisher Plastic Cage 2.09 inches long
The Punisher Plastic Cage 2.09 inches long

Are you ready for some serious sex play? It may sound absurd because pushing up something inside your urethra is not a popular niche but it targets a specific market. Those who have the guts to shove something deep inside their sexual organs would be very delighted with this stunning piece of art.

Do you have the courage to wear The Punisher?

Locking up your flaccid penis is one thing, but pushing up a pipe-like contraption into your urethra is another thing. Our urethra is riddled with nerve-endings thus a perfect site to be stimulated. The urethral sound dilator is an ideal device to massage the prostate. The Punisher Plastic Cage comes with a metal urethral dilator, in 2 sizes – 6mm and 8mm. It adds further titillation but be very cautious of the insertion and extraction process. You and your key holder should be knowledgeable in using the urethral dilator.

This awesome penis cage comes with a brass padlock with keys. Also, it includes some lock pins and spacers for adjustability. It is convenient and lightweight. The Punisher is easy to clean, just wipe the device with alcohol or a warm soapy water. Avoid cleaning solutions with high chemical content, always use a mild soap to preserve the quality of the device.

The Punisher Plastic Cage is highly recommended to those experienced chastity devices enthusiasts. It requires skills and precision to maximize the use of this sex toy. You should also prefer applying lube on the pipe for easy insertion

Be a sexual adventurer with our The Punisher Plastic Cage. You deserve nothing but the best!

Color/Type Clear
Material plastic
Ring Dimension (inches) N/A
Cock Cage Dimension

Length: 53mm (2.09 in.)

Diameter: 33 mm (1.30 in.)


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The Punisher Plastic Cage 2.09 inches long

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