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Shock the Cock Deluxe Silicone Cage 2.95 inches long

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discreet guaranteed

Send titillating waves of pure and unadulterated pleasure to your caged man’s penis with our Shock the Cock Deluxe Silicone Cage. Turn them into a submissive, sniveling, puddle of a man because let’s admit it, it is what key holders want. Lock your cock and stimulate the pleasure center of your brain with electric shocks. You will be in for a surprise.

Electrify your sex life with our Shock the Cock Deluxe! Insert your flaccid penis into the silicone cage, lube your testicles and slip them through the ring, one testicle at a time. Your key holders will be the sole owner of the remote control which is responsible for controlling the intensity, duration, and interval of each shock. The caged man will be wrapped around your finger in no time.

This futuristic chastity device in black, red or clear uses a conductive silicone material to deliver the perfect amount of electricity to your locked cock. Your key holder uses a remote to control the power, mode and even speed of the shocks! Guaranteed to turn any disobedient man into the perfect caged chastity slave in no time. This cock cage features an adjustable one-size-fits-all ring and uses AAA batteries. You also do not have to worry because this chastity device is easy to clean. Submerge the detachable cock cage in clean water and use a mild, fragrance-free soap. This cock cage is convenient to use and available in three electrifying colors.

Enjoy a unique and mind-blowing sensation with our Shock the Cock Deluxe Silicone Cage. Suppress your erection and stay true to your commitment.

Color/Type Black, Red, Transparent Penis rings
Material ABS + Silicone