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Richard's Resin Rod Holy Trainer 1.89 inches and 2.36 inches long

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discreet guaranteed

Still undecided on what to use the first time for Richard and the twins? Look no further and keep reading! Introducing Richard's Resin Rod Holy Trainer 1.89 inches and 2.36 inches long, a holy trainer that's perfect for beginners. Embrace yourself to the world of abstinence and BDSM by giving your partner the power to dominate and humiliate you at the same time with this chastity device.

Richard's Resin Rod Holy Trainer was created from a resin material to ensure that your experience although barbaric and rough will still be smooth and comfortable. The device has drilled holes on either side of the tip for added ventilation to give your penis some air to breathe, as well as an open slot on the tip of the device itself so you can still wear it whilst urinating. An internal brass padlock is used to secure your cock and prevent yourself from doing other devilish deeds. Richard's Resin Rod Holy Trainer is available in a transparent clear color, a translucent blue, and four other solid opaque colors if you really want to keep your penis concealed and out of sight.

Since the Richard's Resin Rod Holy Trainer is made from a resin material, expect some mismatched fitting when it arrives on your doorstep, which shouldn't be a problem. If you encounter any issues with the assembly of the device, you can soak the parts in hot water for 2-3 minutes to soften the material. Experience sexual denial with this holy trainer and begin your journey to being controlled and punished for something as simple as having an erection. Our device will certainly prevent you from ever having one while you have this on!

Color/Type Transparent, Black, Pink, White, Blue, Red Penis Ring
Material Resin
Ring Dimension (inches) 1.42 inches; 1.57 inches; 1.77 inches; 1.97 inches
Cock Cage Dimension SHORT: 1.34 inches (Diameter) by 1.89 inches (Length); LONG: 1.34 inches (Diameter) by 2.36 inches (Length)