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Bad Little Boy Metal Cage 4.3 inches long

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discreet guaranteed

This cock cage maybe extra-small but it will not disappoint! Put your Kraken on a leash with our Bad Little Boy Metal Cage 4.3 inches long! Stay true to your commitment and surrender to your key holder by purchasing this stainless steel cock cage. Our Bad Little Boy Metal Cage will make sure that you will not get an erection, how little it can be.

 Our Bad Little Boy Metal Cage is highly recommended for small penis humiliation play. Let your flaccid penis succumb to extreme heights of chastity. It is also ideal for Dom’s total seduction and kinky foreplay. Worry not, because smaller parts of your cock are exposed to physical stimulation. Your Dom or key-holder will be able to lick, rub and stroke those laid bare skins. Audacious Dominants will achieve full gratification as you beg for more.

 This extra-small chastity device manages to scream sleekness and sensuality despite the unimpressive size of the cocks it’s meant to contain. It’s just as easy to put on, convenient to use and clean just like our larger stainless steel models. This cage is also perfect for those men who just can’t fill a “regular” sized cock cage! Our Bad Little Boy Metal Cage 4.3 inches long is also ideal for permanent and longer periods of usage. Just clean the device with soap and water for hygienic purposes. Stainless steel is non-porous, to get rid of unwanted and unpleasant smells.

The cock ring is available in 4 sizes. Feel free to choose the ring that fits you.

Color/Type Silver Penis ring
Material Stainless steel
Ring Dimension


38.1mm (1.5 in);

44.4mm (1.75 in);

47.6mm (1.88 in);

50.8mm (2 in)

Cock Cage Dimension

Diameter: 35mm (1.38 in);

Length: 110mm(4.33 in)