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Touch-Me-Not Plastic Cage 3.35 inches and 3.94 inches long

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discreet guaranteed

You can admire your caged man’s cock from afar, but the rule stays – No Touching! The Touch-Me-Not Plastic Cage will give you a nice view of his humiliated penis. Trust us, it will be an automatic turn on.

If your caged man is into shame and humiliation, then this is the perfect chastity device for him. As the key holder, you’ll absolutely know how and when to make him cum. Use your edge to make him cater your every whim. With the Touch-Me-Not, it will be a long night of seduction and denial.

The Touch-Me-Not Plastic Cage comes with 5 rings of different sizes. Choose what best fits. Make sure that the crown jewels stay snug but not too comfortable to let it hang loose. The kit also includes a brass padlock and 2 metal keys. In addition, it comes with locking pins, some spacers, and 5 individually numbered plastic locks. These plastic locks can give you a free pass under metal detectors. The Touch-Me-Not Plastic Cage is portable and lightweight.

This chastity device has vents for breathability and a hole at the tip for bathroom breaks. It is recommended for both short-term and long-term use. To get rid of unpleasant odors, wash the device with warm, soapy water. Rubbing alcohol and spray-on sex toy cleaners are also a good alternative. Always wipe it with a dry cloth and store in a dry place since moist harbors bacteria.

This is the perfect gift for your chastity slave and yourself. Engage in a magical night of pure unadulterated sex and kinky foreplay. Get one of these now!

Color/Type Clear
Material Plastic
Ring Dimension (inches)


35mm (1.38 in.),

38mm (1.50 in.),

43mm (1.69 in.),

46mm (1.81 in.),

49mm (1.93 in.)

Cock Cage Dimension

Standard: Length: 100 cm (3.94 in.) Diameter: 34 mm (1.34 in.)

Small: Length: 85 mm (3.35 in.) Diameter: 34 mm (1.34 in.)