Chastity Keyholder/Mistress Service

If you’re in need of a special woman to whom you can surrender the key to your shiny new cock cage, you’re in luck. Lock the Cock has just the Goddess for you.

Mistress Victoria, the Dominatrix Divine, has been exercising her dominant side among her personal circle of friends for many years, and is ready to share her special brand of love with all you chastity fans out there. This leather-loving, high-heel fanatic trained Lock the Cock founder Corrine in the art of keyholding and served as keyholder to Mark until Corrine was ready to take up the reins herself. She’s worked with a number of chastity slaves and is an experienced, thoughtful yet cruel keyholder.

Now, Mistress Victoria is looking for some new pets to play with. Send her your key today and learn to love life under the heel of her boot.

Mistress Victoria’s particularly special skills include: