Why Penis Extenders are Great for Male Chastity Play

The Long(er) and Short of It: Why Penis Extenders are Great for Male Chastity Play

Let’s face the facts.

Your cock is locked up in chastity because it wasn’t good enough to satisfy your keyholder.

You may not want to admit it, but it’s probably true. Why else would your Master or Mistress demand that their cock (never forget who truly owns it!) spend all of its time locked tightly in a cage? Why else would they take away your right to anything other than a ruined orgasm or perhaps, if you’ve been exceptionally good, a prostate milking session?

Because, to put it bluntly, your cock is not capable of performing its intended function.

Other than urinating, what are cocks good for, after all? For giving pleasure to your partner, of course! It’s never been about your own pleasure – it’s all about hers (or his, as the situation may be). And since your cock didn’t provide nearly enough pleasure, it was punished with your current situation: long-term lockup.

Of course, just because your pathetic little tool is locked up for the foreseeable future, that doesn’t mean that your keyholder doesn’t deserve or shouldn’t experience the pleasurable sensation of being fucked to completion by a long, hard penis. Certainly, you can – and should! – pleasure your keyholder with regular oral or manual stimulation or with any number of sex toys.

However, to some keyholders, there’s really nothing like the feeling of having a cock inside their vagina or anus.

But since your shriveled, chaste cock can’t do the job, what can?

Well, of course, the answer is simple: a wonderful and far from little sexual toy known as a penis extender!

What is a Penis Extender?

First, it’s important for us to clarify that the term penis extender can actually refer to one of two completely distinct sex toys. One is a cock-shaped sleeve, usually made from silicone or latex, which you can put over your cock to temporarily increase its size during sex. The other is a medical kit, usually consisting of a series of straps, rings and other tools, which advertises itself as being able to provide a permanent increase in penis size.

For the purpose of this article, we will mostly be talking about the first type of penis extender. We will briefly, however, touch on the second type in the sections below, specifically on why we do not recommend it for use in chastity play.

To eliminate the confusion, fans of penis extenders have come up with a number of additional nicknames which refer exclusively to the first type. Therefore, you may also see them referred to as penis sleeves, extension sleeves, or cock sheaths.

A penis sleeve is made to fit snugly over your cock, but extends beyond its natural length via the addition of a small piece of hard prosthetic at the end of the sleeve. A typical cock sleeve adds half an inch to an inch (approximately 1cm to 3cm) to the length of your penis and about half an inch (1cm) to its girth. However, more “extreme” sleeves also exist. These can provide anywhere from 2 to 4 inches (4 to 10cm) of extra length and 1 to 2 inches (3-4cm) of extra girth. Of course, the pleasure your keyholder experiences from them will also be 2 to 4 times greater than anything he or she has ever gotten from you!

Many Options to Choose From

Like all sex toys, extension sleeves come in many varieties, and the ideal, perfectly fitting sleeve will vary from person to person and situation to situation. In particular, they vary significantly in texture from soft and squishy to harder than any natural penis could ever hope to become. Some come with straps or rings to help them stay on, while others rely on fitting snugly against the cock itself.

Materials vary from latex to silicone to even cyber-skin, a material which attempts to recreate the look and feel of human skin as closely as possible. And, of course, they come in many different colors ranging from natural human skin tones (sometimes even with veins and hair!) to completely clear “voyeuristic” models to bright neon sleeves in every color of the rainbow.

We recommend doing research together with your keyholder before purchasing one - or several! – to play with. Of course, your keyholder’s opinion should be given just as much, if not more, weight than your own. After all, the entire purpose of purchasing this toy it to give them pleasurable, erotic and above all satisfying fucking sessions.

For this purpose, many penis extenders are slightly curved in order to better reach and stimulate the female G-spot or male prostate. Others feature ribbing or other textured outer designs that will feel amazing against your partner’s inner walls. For the ladies, some also feature bumps or protrusions at the base known as “clit ticklers,” which will stimulate the clitoris the entire time that the sleeve is inside of her.

If you are using a penis sleeve as part of your male chastity play, there are also a few varieties which we recommend that you avoid. Some models feature ribbing or texturing not only on the outside of the cock but also the inside. These additions are aimed at providing more pleasure for the man who is wearing the sheath over his cock. Of course, we don’t want that at all!

This is still chastity play of course, even if his cock has to be unlocked so he can put on the extender, so we want to limit the pleasure the male chastity sleeve receives as little pleasure and stimulation as possible. We recommend choosing something with a hard, firm, smooth interior, as this will often make sex less stimulating for him than usual, not more!

Why You Should Add Penis Sleeves to Your Male Chastity Play

Earlier in this article, we outlined a key reason why many chastity-focused couples might choose to purchase a penis extender or several: in order to provide cock-centered pleasure to the keyholder without having to rely on the sub’s small, pathetic penis. However, that is far from the only reason why a penis extender can be a wonderful addition to your male chastity relationship.

First of all, they offer yet another fantastic opportunity for engaging in humiliation or degradation play. The keyholder can engage in dirty talk throughout every step of the process, from putting the sleeve on her slave to being fucked by it and even through the cleanup afterwards.

You can remind your slave how small, pathetic and non-functional his cock is, and that his inability to pleasure you with it forced you to go out and buy this toy. You can comment endlessly on how big it is and how good it feels inside you - especially how much better it feels compared to him. You might even talk loudly and frequently about how, now that you have the sleeve, you have no further use for his cock at all and plan on keeping him in permanent chastity for the rest of his life!

Further humiliation can be introduced if you choose to purchase a penis sleeve which does not resemble his “natural” cock in the slightest. From a slight change in skin tone to making him strut around in a bright neon pink or orange faux-cock with alien-like ridges, make him wear something that will serve as a constant reminder of how unsatisfactory his cock is. If you enjoy teasing him about the size of his tool, why not go for a see-through clear model? You can always have the subject of your teasing right before your eyes even as the sleeve is giving you ultimate pleasure!

This will also eliminate the risk of your chastity slave feeling “manly” or “masculine” as some reviewers of these products have claimed to feel. After all, he will never be allowed to forget that the cock that is pleasing you, his keyholder, is definitely not his own.

Additionally, if his pathetic cock is not even large enough to wear the sleeve without it constantly slipping off, you can purchase additional inserts, usually in the form of small, hard pieces of silicone. These inserts are placed inside the tip of the sleeve and fill any empty space potentially caused by the pathetic size of his tiny, chaste cock.

Besides being the perfect opportunity for some extra humiliation play, using a penis extender in the bedroom can also serve as a devilish little test for your male chastity slave. After all, most penis sleeves, unless they are specially designed for exactly that purpose, cannot be worn while he is inside his cock cage. He will be freed and he will get the opportunity to fuck his keyholder, albeit with the sleeve, in a “traditional” penetrative style.

And, as we all know, this situation creates plenty of opportunities for a chastity pet to be bad or disobedient. If a slut does not have sufficient self control, even the reduced stimulation offered by the cock sleeve could be enough to cause him to have an orgasm without his keyholder’s permission. Using the sleeve will require him to use every drop of his focus, determination and self control to follow your commands and pleasure you without getting his own release. It can be a great opportunity to tempt him with rewards – or threaten him with punishments – depending on his behavior!

Not to mention, what could be more frustrating than allowing him to engage in a type of penetration, which is likely one of the sexual activities he enjoys the most, but refuse to allow him the slightest chance of having an orgasm from it? Personally, we here at Lock the Cock think that this leaves him even more on edge and frustrated than other types of tease and denial activities. Usually, after a good session with your favorite penis sleeve, your chastity slave will be so willing to do anything to earn his release that he will be more perfectly obedient than ever before. (We recommend starting out by having him thoroughly clean both the inside and outside of the penis sleeve before moving on to the rest of the long list of chores you have for him!)

Of course, if your chastity slave is completely unable to keep from having an orgasm, this could be very bad for you as he will likely finish too quickly to properly focus on pleasuring you as he should. If his self control is not yet properly developed, you can have him wear a cock ring or be in penis bondage (see our article here for how to tie his cock properly) while he is wearing the sleeve. That way you, the Master or Mistress, can have as many orgasms as you like while he is not granted a single one no matter how hard he tries.

Why Permanent Penis Extension Should Be Avoided

Earlier in this article, we briefly mentioned a second type of penis extender, a toolkit aimed at permanently increasing the length and/or girth of a man’s cock. They work by stretching the penis and then keeping it in that stretched state for a long period of time. The penis is forced adapt to this stretched state and becomes slightly longer (a situation known as hyperplasia). While there are some men who have gotten some use out of this product and been very satisfied with the results, we do not recommend it be used as a part of the male chastity lifestyle.

First, while some evidence suggests that this type of penis extension can have real, permanent effects, they take a very long time to show. A man will probably have to wear this sort of setup for months and months in order for his cock to become even half an inch longer. And, for best results, the kit should be worn several hours each day.

And what does that mean? Well, he won’t be able to wear his chastity cage during this time. Personally, we feel that a sexy silicone or sleek stainless steel cock cage is WAY more attractive than the series of straps, rings and pouches which comprises a standard extender kit. And since the chastity lifestyle is all about you, the keyholder, turning your slave into the perfect partner who pleases you in every way at all times, why would you ever want to put him in a situation where he becomes less sexy to you? Doesn’t make any sense, does it? We thought so.

Plus, if you’re involved in a male chastity relationship, why would you want your slave to have a larger cock in the first place? That would mean having to go through the irritating process of purchasing him a new cage – and it would have to be a larger one, rather than a smaller. And for many keyholders, teasing their slaves about their tiny cocks is one of the parts they love the most about chastity. We firmly believe that this type of permanent penis extension, rather than increasing the keyholder’s pleasure like the sleeve does, will take away fun, erotic elements of chastity play rather than adding them.

Three Types of Cock Extension Sleeve

When it comes to purchasing a penis extender, there are two important factors: what type you will be buying and what size it is. Later in this article, we will be going over sizing and specifically how to measure you or your partner’s cock to ensure your extender is a perfect fit. However, before you break out the measuring tape, you need to ask yourself which of the three common types of cock extension sleeve you will be buying.

Personally, we feel that all three types of extender are extremely erotic, excellent at providing pleasure to males and females alike, and can be used with great success in male chastity play sessions. Which you will choose will likely entirely be a matter of personal preference. In order to help you make that choice, we’ve provided brief descriptions of the three types of extender below:

The Realistic Penis Extender

The realistic penis style extender is probably the most popular type of sleeve currently available. As the name suggests, it is designed to resemble a human penis as much as possible (well, in shape and size at least – even realistic extenders come in a rainbow of colors!)

Typically, realistic sleeves will be made from silicone or cyber-skin in order to best recreate the feeling of human skin. They will be fairly firm, but will have some give and may be softer than the average dildo or strap-on. Some may be firm enough for a man to wear even if he is not hard. If a realistic extender is made from cyber-skin, it will likely be sold with renewal powder which must be regularly applied to maintain the “skin-like” feeling of the material.

Realistic sleeves add both length and girth to the penis. Because of their firm texture and high quality materials, they are capable of being manufactured in very large sizes, adding several inches to both measurements. Some may even be wide enough to fit over his cock cage! If you are looking for models which can accommodate a cock ring or feature rings to secure the balls, a realistic extender is your best bet.

Typically, realistic extenders are the most durable and long-lasting of the common sleeve types due to the high quality of the material. However, they are also usually the most expensive.

The Roll-On Penis Extender

Roll-on style cock sleeves are named for the way that they are put on. They consist of long, soft, condom-like tubes, usually made of latex, which can be rolled onto the penis just like a standard condom with a silicone or hard plastic tip at the end (the actual extension itself). For this reason, they are typically considered the easiest type of extender to put on without practice. A roll-on extender might be a great choice if you have never experimented with extenders before and want something simple to use.

However, because the extension is provided only by the tip of the toy, it can only increase the length of the penis. The girth will remain the same. If you enjoy being penetrated by a fat, “girthy” cock, a roll-on will likely not be the right penis extender for you.

Because they are thin and are made of latex rather than the higher grade silicone or cyber-skin, roll-on extensions are both the least expensive and least durable of the three common sleeve types. They should be handled carefully and stored far away from any sharp objects to avoid tearing, and should never be worn over a chastity device for the same reason.

Because of how they are structured, roll-on sleeves are usually best worn while the man has an erection. Therefore, if you’re planning to have your chastity slave don a roll-on style sleeve, we recommend having him wear a cock ring or a bit of rope bondage around his cock to prevent any unwanted orgasms!

The Hollow Strap-On Extension

As its name suggests, a hollow strap-on penis extender comes with a harness made up of various straps which are used to secure it firmly to the wearer’s body. Many men in chastity find this beneficial as it allows the extender to stay on without slipping no matter how small or shriveled-up their cock may have become due to its long confinement.

In addition, they are typically made of hard plastic or occasionally very firm silicone. Hollow strap-ons are the most rigid of the three common sleeve types. This means that they can easily be worn even if the man remains flaccid throughout. If your chastity slave has difficulty getting an erection due to his lockup, this would definitely be the right extension toy for you!

If you want to play around with extenders without letting your man out of his cock cage, you can also purchase a solid strap-on such as those sold for use by dominant, penetration-loving female tops. This way, he can wear the “faux-cock” around his waist and penetrate his keyholder as long as he or she desires without having to be unlocked for even a moment!

As with any sex toy that includes straps, make sure to regularly check the areas covered by the straps for any redness, soreness, irritation, cuts or friction burns. A little pain can be a great addition to your sexual play, but you don’t want your chastity slave to get sick or permanently hurt. After all, an injured slave is far less likely to be able to fulfill his keyholder’s every wish!

Of course, if you’re not quite sure which type of penis extender is best for you and your partner, we thoroughly recommend trying all of them! Penis extenders are usually fairly reasonably priced and are extremely durable, lasting quite a long time if they are taken care of and cleaned regularly. So go wild! Buy one of each and experiment to see which is your favorite!

Finding the Proper Fit

Once you’ve decided which type of extension sleeve is right for you, the next and arguably most important step to take is to measure your chaste man’s cock. If you buy a penis sleeve that is too long or too wide, this can result in it slipping off during sexual play. So, it is extremely important to buy one which fits properly in order to provide the keyholder with the most pleasure and least interruption possible.

For more information about how to measure a penis’s length and girth (or circumference), see our article here. However, there is one key difference between measuring him for a cock cage and for a penis extension sleeve.

With the chastity device, you only need his flaccid measurements, as the point of the cage is to prevent him from getting hard. On the other hand, when measuring for an extension sleeve, measure the dimensions of his cock both when flaccid and when hard. It is likely that, despite the decreased stimulation, he will get a hard-on while wearing the sleeve, so it is important to make sure that it fits both ways.

If you are having trouble finding a properly fitting penis sleeve because his tiny cock has become so small and pathetic after so much time locked in chastity, don’t worry! You can purchase inserts made from silicone, rubber or hard plastic which will fill the tip of the extender where his cock does not reach. This way, you – the keyholder – can get your pleasure without having to worry about his cock slipping out mid-penetration.

Alternately, you can purchase a penis sleeve with a built-in ring at its base. The ring is placed around his balls and will keep the extension sleeve from falling off even if he has an extremely tiny cock. Another option is to purchase one featuring straps or a harness, which fasten around his legs and hips and will perform the same anti-slip function.

Lastly, you may occasionally find that a sleeve that once fit perfectly is no longer doing so. This can happen over time as his cock begins to shrink slightly due to being kept in chastity all the time. However, do not despair! If your cock sleeve is only a little bit too loose, there is an easy, at-home solution to keep it on during play without having to purchase an entirely new device. Have your chastity slave wear a condom OVER the sleeve while he is penetrating you. This will help keep it firmly attached no matter how tiny his cock may have become! (Of course, you may have to purchase extra-large condom sizes depending on how big your sleeve is. Make your slave do the purchasing and take it as a perfect opportunity to tease him about his own size and how he wouldn’t even fit into an extra-small one!)

Putting On and Using Your Cock Sleeve

Once you’ve picked out the perfect cock sleeve – and made sure that it fits him properly and will not fall off! – it’s time to put it on and get thrusting!

However, before you get down to business, it’s important to remember to apply lube. (You can check out our comprehensive guide to lube here to learn more about how to choose the right lube for each sexual situation). In general, we recommend using water-based lube if the sleeve you have chosen is made of silicone and silicone-based lube if it is not.

You will need to lube up both on the inside and the outside of the device to avoid friction burns both on the chastity slave’s penis and the keyholder’s vagina or anus. We recommend using only a small amount of lube on the interior of the toy. Too much can result in the sleeve slipping off his cock even if it fits properly or has been thoroughly secured. In addition, too much lube can make the sensation too pleasurable for him – which is definitely not the goal of the play session!

On the other hand, you should use a lot of lube on the outside of the cock sheath – probably more than you usually use for sexual activities. After all, the entire point of a penis extender is that it is larger and longer than most “natural” penises. It will take your body some time to get adjusted to being penetrated by something so large. Using tons of lube can make the process easier and more comfortable and pleasurable for you. If you are using the extension sleeve for anal penetration, we recommend choosing a thick lube with a gel-like consistency as the butt is not naturally self-lubricating.

Most cock sleeves are soft enough to be rolled onto the penis using the same process as putting on a condom. This makes them fairly quick and easy to put on, especially if they have been properly lubed up beforehand. However, if you are new to extension sleeves, we recommend practicing a few times beforehand so that your sexual play does not have to slow down or stop as you struggle to put on the sleeve.

Many people find that cock sleeves are easier to put on if the man is hard. Of course, since you do not want your chastity slave to get too much pleasure from this experience, you can put a cock ring on him so that he can get an erection but not experience an orgasm. Additionally, if you find that he spends too much time touching his cock while putting the sleeve on, you can punish him by putting it on for him with no additional touching at all.

If your sleeve is one of those made from hard plastic or one of the firmer silicone varieties, you may not be able to successfully roll it onto your chastity slave’s cock. In this situation, we recommend using an applicator made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). You can often find these applicators sold alongside the extension sleeves themselves. We find that using an applicator to put on his cock sleeve offers a great opportunity for feminization play, as you can compare it to the cardboard applicators used by many women to put in their tampons while menstruating!

Cleaning Your Penis Extender

Like with your cock cage, it is extremely important that you clean the sleeve regularly. As with some of our more solid chastity device models, the interior of the sleeve can provide a wet, damp, and inviting atmosphere for harmful bacteria to grow. The risk of this is especially high if any traces of lubricant are left inside the device after use.

Therefore, we recommend cleaning your cock sleeve after every single use. Of course, this can – and should! – be the chastity slave’s task, as it is his job to make sure that his keyholder’s toys are always in perfect condition for providing maximum pleasure. Make sure to clean both the inside and the outside thoroughly. You do not need to purchase any special cleaner for your cock sleeve. Warm water and gentle hand soap work perfectly fine!

Always make sure that the sleeve, especially the inside, is allowed to dry thoroughly before being put away. You can use a soft towel to gently dry off the sleeve as much as possible. As with cock cages, Q-tips, cotton balls and similar products can be extremely useful when it comes to cleaning out the interior of your sleeve. We also recommend letting it air-dry near a fan or heater before storing it in a drawer, container or a dark room such as a dungeon.

If you follow these cleaning tips regularly and thoroughly, your penis sleeve should last for years and years without breaking down. Most cock sheaths are made from extremely high-quality materials, such as cyber-skin or medical grade silicone, so they are known for their durability. Make sure to always give your equipment the care that it deserves! Remember, it is a tool for providing the keyholder with pleasure!

So what are you waiting for? Keyholders, with these amazing toys, you’ll never again have to settle for the pitiful amount of pleasure which his locked-up, chaste cock can provide you. Get everything you deserve and more with a penis extender – or, if you want, an entire collection of them! Happy orgasming!