Male Chastity Captions

Keyholders, you know your caged man is constantly fantasizing, and you don’t always have time to fulfill his every sexy, submissive little fantasy.

Caged men, you know you love that little extra bit of teasing, even when your keyholder can’t provide it right away. There’s hardly a moment of your day when your locked, neglected cock isn’t right at the forefront of your mind.

Luckily, both of these problems have the same solution.

Male chastity captions.

Below is a hand-picked selection of seductive, erotic images to fuel every chastity fan’s wet dreams. Sexy dominants clad in little or nothing at all, reminding you of how badly you want to touch…but you just can’t. Keyholders promising you more, more, more denial while teasingly talking about all those orgasms you no longer get to enjoy.

Got a chastity fantasy lurking in the back of your mind? We’ve got the caption for it right here.

Feel free to browse our extensive library of captions – but remember, no touching yourself and definitely no orgasms!

Whether you’re just starting to think that chastity might be for you or you’re celebrating your tenth straight year locked up, male chastity captions are a fun and exciting way to add just a little pinch of spice to your fantasies.

First-timers, try reading through some our sexy captions. Take some time to yourself, relax, get comfortable, and just scroll through our selection to see what’s available. If these teasing texts and irresistible images turn you on, there’s a good chance that chastity’s right for you!

For veterans in long-term chastity relationships, here’s just a few ideas of the fun you can have with male chastity captions:

Keyholders, select one caption from the list. When he sees that caption, your caged gets an orgasm. Then, show him all the captions in a random order, ten seconds each, as he strokes himself to their sexy text and images. When the chosen caption is shown, he gets ten seconds to try to have an orgasm. If he fails, of course, it’s right back in the cock cage with him!

Or, print out these captions and leave them in surprise places all around the house. He’ll encounter them unexpectedly as he cleans up and performs chores, making that long wait for your next teasing session all the more torturous!

Men, pick a few captions – let’s say 5-10 – that you’d like to act out in real life with your keyholder. Print them out or save them in a special file. When you’ve been a really, really good boy and earned an extra-special reward, your keyholder can enact one of the scenarios on the captions for you. Keyholder’s choice which one, of course!

Enjoy your caption-enhanced, denial-filled fun!

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